Where passions go to die.

I have been discouraged in my life. Many times it happened on a field of sorts when another member of the opposing team hollers out an insult. I was never super athletic, yet could always play the game, so I never let it get to me.

But what about when this happens on the same team? When the people you think are on your side crush your efforts with little reason?

I remember this young man named Andy. If I struck out or even if I hit a double during scrimmage, not an actual game mind you, he would talk major shit saying things like “You little bitch, you can’t even hit a homer?!” And other insults along those lines.

Now why wouldn’t I assume it would be the same way in Advertising? For some reason I thought we were a little different. I guess I was wrong.

I started my passion, this path of business and creativity combined, because it was a way for me to utilize my talents in the work place. I truly love to create and will show full support of others who put effort into their craft. By this I mean giving a response or comment on a piece that someone has worked on. Especially when that piece is beneficial to my overall learning experience or works in my favor.

Recently, a few fellow Advertising enthusiasts and I decided to enter a competition that an unsaid agency (they rhyme with “Jaw Heavy Grog”) was throwing to try and create awarness about their mission statement. They want to be an agency that is PASSIONATELY  known as a place for global cultural movements.

So we devised our strategy, designed the comp, and wrote some powerful copy. We sent it over on Earth Day to make our timing just right.

Then we waited…

And waited…


Now I have entered competitions in the past for screenwriting, advertising, film making, and art. Even when the holders of the competition are broke they still do one thing. THEY RESPOND. This agency didn’t even bother with a “Thanks but no thanks,” or anything at all. So now I can’t help but feel that they took our idea, put it aside, and later on will subconsciously rehash it and put it out there like they created it themselves.

I know these things happen in the big bad world of Advertising, but unsaid agency, from the way you put yourself out there as an open minded proponent for a “global cultural movement” I thought for sure you would at least respond without us having to ask for it.

I suppose terrible sportsmanship is alive and well when it comes to agencies with a superiority complex who take ideas from the public while creating their false identities.


2 thoughts on “Where passions go to die.

  1. Scott Goodson is a sham. The JawHeavy Grog shop in Amsterdam changed their name to “Amsterdam” to signify their break from his shameful self-aggrandizing nonsense. You are not alone in having a small dream quashed. Good luck and have faith in the karmic wheel.

  2. JawheavyGrog is a a pompous shop filled with no-do-gooders who think they could sell their own poop movements as though they were petroleum. Some people I know are saying it was a false competition. How creative is that, Grogheahds?

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