The summer line up

Hot days are a perfect excuse to be lazy. The appropriate time to hang out on your porch in nothing but sandals, board shorts, and a cold beer. Ahhh yes, summer. But isn’t there something more? Something at least seemingly productive?  Instead of simply sitting on your couch with your back sweat conjoining you to the filthy pillows here are some events to consider going out to in Southern California. As a lover of independent hip hop there are a lot of those dates but I am open to any suggestions you might have. If you have a suggestion please don’t hesitate to let me know. For now, singe your nose hairs on these tour dates.

May 4th-5th.

Zion I is playing in Hollywood and West LA. Two different dates. Certain to be dope shows.

June 5 – 9th

Sage Francis with free moral agents and B. Dolan

For the mellow heads I recommend going to the belly up in No. San Diego county. For those who want to get hyphy (I know, my yay area terminology…) go to the LA tour dates. this album is sure to be an instant underground classic.

June 12th

Murs @ The House of Blues in West Hollywood

This powerful lyricist has slowly been gaining the long awaited popularity he has always deserved. Check him out and prepare to be lyrically blown away.

June 24th – 26th

Awol One, a.k.a Awolrus will be gracing three different venues with his offbeat yet on point styles.

July 22-25th.


Comic book enthusiasts and film lovers unite! The biggest group of super fans will flood the San Diego convention center as they do every year to celebrate all that us self proclaimed nerds can’t get enough of: comics! I am personally in the middle of working on a comic book and want nothing more than to spread the word this year.

I will put in a second installment for July through August once I hear of more shows and desirable events.

Peel off those winter jeans and throw on some beats. I’ll be at home scraping my bbq grill in preparation for summer feasting.


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