Nerve-o-us (Notes on the recession)

We are all balls of nerves. Nerves are driven by the blood rushing to our heads. The blood rushing is what moves those fingers in times of stress. Stress forms in your brain with that same rushing blood. Use it to your advantage, take deep breaths.

Delete doubt.

Two weeks ago I got laid off from my full time job. I don’t want anyone to think this is a sob story. It’s not. I am actually using it to my advantage to make something of myself. One thing I do believe will get me through all of this is staying positive and focusing on my goals.

Instead of wasting away in your bed all day applying for jobs on Craigslist here are a few productive ideas and pieces of advice to keep yourself going. I will express in writing what my own harsh subconscious thoughts express to me.

– Take a damn jog you god damn slob! You sat around all day at your job completely void of any vitamin D and on weekends you get wasted with your buddies. Put on some shorts, stretch, and go for a run around town.

– Learn how to cook some food. Take out isn’t the only way to eat. Just because your lunches with your work buddies consisted of bland, doughy, yeast infection food in wrappers doesn’t mean you can’t unlearn those horrible habits. Eat a fucking salad!

– Read a good book. Turn off the nonsense where all of your friends at their same old sorry ass jobs are ready to chat with you and read a few chapters. It will get your mind on point. This goes along the same lines as being outside in the mornings. Go be a part of the weekday morning world. Take a notebook and sit in the middle of soccer moms at the coffee shop and write a list of resources for a new gig.

– Applying online is basically bullshit these days. Think about how many people are applying to the same piece of shit job you are applying to. You don’t stand a chance as an entry level accountant when a poly-sci major from USC is applying to the same menial position. You need to have connections or you need to go back to school. That or go to Trader Joes as I am most positive they have food discounts for their employees.

– Work on your resume that you haven’t touched since 2005 when the only thing you have written under experience was internships and restaurant work. No one gives a shit if you worked as a server for Buca Di Beppo.

– Rediscover your younger interests. Jump on your dirt bike, fall on your skateboard, smoke a joint, listen to old Metallica, hell, drink a 40 (I know, disgusting). The point I am trying to make here is remember your youth and rebellious ways of teenage life. Eventually you’ll scuff yourself a bit and remember why you wanted to leave those days behind in the first place. Escape into it and you may find new reason to push above and beyond.

– Above all KEEP THE FAITH. There are a lot of people out there right now in the same position as you. The only way you are going to beat the others out at that eventual interview is by staying on point and keen to your own wants and needs

If this advice helps at least one person it will have done its job. And if you’re really grumpy about the world go spit on a few luxury sedans. It made me feel better when I was 16.


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